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Viper 4 Twin

The Viper 4 TWIN is the new top model screen from SBG/Raven.   The Viper 4 TWIN is the first tangible result of the acquisition and cooperation of SBG and Raven. Due to the large 12.1” touchscreen, all the functions are easy to control and there is still a really good overview.

Whether it is about tractor steering, TWIN-Implement steering, section control or leveling, all different steering types are fully integrated in to the Viper 4 TWIN. With the Viper 4 TWIN u are able to create and use straight lines, bends, curvatures or contours or a combination of them. The Viper 4 TWIN also has useful features like setting headlands with different widths and displaying the sprayer tracks, possibly with a different working width.

Viper 4 TWIN has numerous additional options such as an extensive crop registration module, capturing height maps and a special module to create trial fields or to plant on a grid. Furthermore, the Viper 4 TWIN has two GPS antenna connections by default. After activation of the second antenna, the Viper 4 TWIN is suitable to simultaneously control a tractor and an implement.

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