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SBGuidance Twin Disc

The SBGuidance TWIN version with disc coulters is often the best choice to steer an implement.

SBG has extensive experience with this type of steering and can legitimately be called a specialist in this area.The entire disk steering has been extensively proven in practice. The disc coulters are available in two different sizes, normal (Ø 45 cm) and XL (Ø 60 cm).

Depending on the size and type of implement, one or more discs coulters are installed behind the implement. For light drills and implements one disc coulter is often sufficient. Heavier and larger machines require two or more steering discs, that are connected by means of a rod. For folding implements the rod is replaced by two interconnected hydraulic cylinders.

Excellent on hillsides

TWIN-Disc prevents drifting of the implement. As a result tractor and implement are no longer offset, but remain perfectly aligned and repeated operations will fit perfectly.

The hydraulic obstacle protection enables the steering discs to retract whenever it hits a stone. Additional benefit is the discs may easily be lifted when the implement is detached.

The advantages:

  • Robust disc coulters, proven design
  • Perfect correction on slopes
  • Strong reduction of drift


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