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SmarTrax™ & SmarTrax™ RTK

SmarTrax RTK™ assisted steering system lets you redefine the limits. That includes faster operating speeds, best-in-class line acquisition and easier, more relaxed driving. With SmarTrax RTK, you get even more out of this hydraulically controlled GPS-guided system with 3D terrain compensation and RTK sub-inch capability for the ultimate in precision and repeatability.

Driving success with greater precision—hands free

The more acres you farm, the more you’ll appreciate SmarTrax and SmarTrax RTK assisted steering.

This unique hydraulic-assisted steering system enhances high speed operation by offering faster  line acquisition, correction for changes in soil condition and implement pull. SmarTrax and SmarTrax RTK offer across-the-board GPS compatibility, 3D terrain compensation and automatic system calibration along with:

  • RTK accuracy and repeatability from year to year
  • Best-in-class operating speeds for covering more ground faster
  • Compatible with many steer-ready machines
  • Multiple kits available to fit all modern tractor types
  • Slingshot®-compatible RTK correction signals