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Mapping Software



Handheld Geographic Information System Basic Mapping Software

Starpal Handheld Tablet Phone

  • Visual display of Map Layers and GPS position
  • Creation of New Map Layers with Attributes
  • Load / Save SHP (ESRI Compatable), MIF (MapInfo Compatable),and DBF (dBASE) files
  • GPS NMEA0183 (v1.5 or later) ($GPGGA or $GPRMC) or TSIP via RS-232 interface
  • Navigation – Course, Speed, Date, Time, Altutude, Number of Sats,HDOP, and Differential OK
  • PickLists and Layer Attribute Templates reduce your time spent inthe field.
  • Coordinate Transform – WGS84, NAD83, NAD27,and >100 Regional Datums
  • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Transformations
  • Measurement – Distance, Perimeter, Area
  • English / Metric Units
  • Measure Benchmark – Average Position (using any selected Datum)
  • Runs on PocketPC, Windows CE, XP, ME, 2000, 98, 95, and NT
  • Two Switch Inputs thru GPS Serial Port using the Switch Assembly


  • Point – Symbols (16),Color, Size (to 64 point)
  • Polyline – Color, Style (6),
  • Boundary Polygon – Pattern Fill(40), Line Style (6), Line Color, Fill Color
  • Other Polygons – Rectangle,Circle
  • Text (available with MIF files)


  • Character (1 to 254 characters)
  • Integer (-2147483647 to 2147483647)
  • Float 9.99 +\-e8 (7 significant digits)
  • Date dd/mm/yyyy (Y2K compliant)
  • Decimal up to 20 digits, 16 after decimal point
  • Logical (True, False)


  • Points, Polylines, Regions based upon distance, time, or both
  • Coverage Layers (Swath Polygons)
  • Auto Attribute Fill
  • Unique ID number for point sampling
  • Date, Time, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude

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