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Ag Signal RTK

A nationwide RTK signal service delivered through the mobile phone network.

Coverage is all of England, Scotland and Wales, where phone signal is available. The premium service is based on CRS (Cloud Reference Station) Technology. The Tractor receives a base station signal as if the base was next to them.
In addition, there is a reduced cost Baseline Service where local bases are close enough to be used and sub 2 cm accuracy is not required.

• Very high accuracy (2 cm)
• Repeatable year by year
• No regional connection to base stations
• Correction data at the push of a button (‘plug & play’ solution)
• Low investment costs
• High flexibility due to national and international availability
• Independent of manufacturer – usable with all systems for RTK network

AgSignal is compatible with all major tractors and combine brands and for those on locked-in systems, we can provide a compatible modem, to allow access.

Baseline service £ 450.00* per annum
*costs are inclusive of data plan and SIM and exclusive of VAT

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