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Handheld Geographic Information System (HGIS) Basic Mapping Software

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  •  GPS mapping for field scouting, environmental research, highway maintenance, crop consulting, insurance, utility inventory and much more.GPS Mapping is used to locate and map earth features such as power lines, rivers, highways, crops, weeds, pests, or soil types. It can be used to estimate the number of insects in an field, measure the area of a crop, or create a map of sample locations.HGIS is a field tool. It can assist in grid sampling by targeting as well as recording sample locations and data.

    HGIS runs on low cost PocketPC computers or ruggedised computers running Microsoft Windows (CE, 2000, 98, 95, ME, XP, or NT).

    HGIS files are easily importable onto your desktop computer for backup, analysis, post-processing and printing.

  • Visual display of Map Layers and GPS position
  • Creation of New Map Layers with Attributes
  • Load / Save SHP (ESRI Compatable), MIF (MapInfo Compatable),and DBF (dBASE) files
  • GPS NMEA0183 (v1.5 or later) ($GPGGA or $GPRMC) or TSIP via RS-232 interface
  • Navigation – Course, Speed, Date, Time, Altutude, Number of Sats,HDOP, and Differential OK
  • PickLists and Layer Attribute Templates reduce your time spent inthe field.
  • Coordinate Transform – WGS84, NAD83, NAD27,and >100 Regional Datums
  • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Transformations
  • Measurement – Distance, Perimeter, Area
  • English / Metric Units
  • Measure Benchmark – Average Position (using any selected Datum)
  • Runs on PocketPC, Windows CE, XP, ME, 2000, 98, 95, and NT
  • Two Switch Inputs thru GPS Serial Port using the Switch Assembly
  • Point – Symbols (16),Color, Size (to 64 point)
  • Polyline – Color, Style (6),
  • Boundary Polygon – Pattern Fill(40), Line Style (6), Line Color, Fill Color
  • Other Polygons – Rectangle,Circle
  • Text (available with MIF files)
  • Character (1 to 254 characters)
  • Integer (-2147483647 to 2147483647)
  • Float 9.99 +\-e8 (7 significant digits)
  • Date dd/mm/yyyy (Y2K compliant)
  • Decimal up to 20 digits, 16 after decimal point
  • Logical (True, False)
  • Points, Polylines, Regions based upon distance, time, or both
  • Coverage Layers (Swath Polygons)
  • Auto Attribute Fill
  • Unique ID number for point sampling
  • Date, Time, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude

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