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Planter & Seeder


Our groundbreaking new OmniRow® advanced planter control system is a complete fully integrated system, with RTK sub-inch accuracy and patent-pending planter control technology for the ultimate planting experience.

Total population control

Raven’s OmniRow® advanced planter control system features fully integrated design with RTK sub-inch accuracy and patent-pending planter control technology. This system gives you the power to control seeding rates by row or sections for maximum precision and reliability.

AccuRow™ and Cruizer II™

As an alternative to OmniRow, growers may pair AccuRow™ with Cruizer II™ for simple automatic section control.


Use Slingshot RTK/Online Service with OmniRow for seamless data transfer capabilities. Real-time communications and data sharing with any computer anywhere ensure better decisions and more productivity in the field. And Slingshot gives you access to live remote support from Raven’s team of experts.

  • Advanced hydraulic motor-clutch with integrated RPM sensor handles population control by row or section plus shutoff
  • Variable-rate planting, manual or prescription based, by section or row
  • Real-time seed monitoring and singulation by row reports skips and doubles
  • Compatible with factor installed and after-market clutches or drive motors; will work with your existing equipment
  • Multiple system configurations to meet variety of needs, budgets and requirements
  • Track up to 4 varieties at once
  • Patent pending turn compensation ensures proper seed spacing to maximize yield
  • Hand held remote control provides start up and diagnostic convenience
  • Envizio Pro™
  • Envizio Pro II®
  • Envizio Pro XL™
  • Slingshot®

OmniRow® Multi-Hybrid Control

Patent-pending multi-hybrid control technology combined with variable-rate seeding to deliver maximum yields.

Advanced Planter Control

Soil and land elevation varies across the field, so why not vary the hybrid? Using Raven’s patent-pending OmniRow® Multi-Hybrid Planting control, you can select hybrids based on moisture and disease resistance. The advanced hydraulic-motor clutch provides population control and row shut-off while turn compensation optimizes seed spacing when planting on a curve.

OmniRow Multi-Hybrid is also the recipient of an AE50 award celebrating product innovations in agriculture, food, and biological systems.

Multi Hybrid Illustration

  • Supports up to 36 rows configured in conventional, twin-row or interplant toolbar configurations
  • Automatically shifts tractor or implement guidance line to keep rows straight
  • Fully integrated with Raven's suite of liquid, granular and liquid injection product control
  • Real-time seed monitoring and singulation information
  • Slingshot-ready for wireless data transfer